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Soil Moisture Balance INIA

This map shows the Soil Moisture Balance for Central Chile as calculated by INIA Quilamapu.

The Soil Moisture Balance reflects the water content in the soil compared to its maximum value and is expressed in percentage.

Values below 50 % indicate a reduction of available water in the soil which may cause stress in the vegetation.

This map was developed by the Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (INIA).


How is the Soil Moisture Balance calculated?

The availability of water in the soil is calculated using data from satellite images. For the calculation of available water in the soil it is necessary to estimate the following variables: evapotranspiration, precipitation and water storage in the previous time step, see equation 1. The layers used for the estimation of these variables are: soil use, physical and hydrological soil properties (field capacity, wilting point, soil depth, etc), elevation levels, political boundaries, natural or artificial objects (lakes, cities, etc).


Equation 1: Calculation of water availability in the soil

Where NDVI is the water storage of the soil of the actual and previous time period respectively; Ppe is the actual precipitation; Riego is the amount of irrigation ET is the evapotranspiration, Esc is the runoff and Pprof is the percolation depth.

Dataset Documentation

Soil Water Balance dataset.
Data Source
INIA (Instituto Nacional de Investigacion Agropecuaria), INIA home page
Soil Water Balance


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