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Information on the precipitation observed in the National Agroclimatic Network (RAN) is available here.

In menu>analysis you can select the variable: measured and anomaly. In menu>region you can select a region.

Observed: This map shows the precipitation, as measured in the different RAN stations. The measurements are in [mm/month]. Every point on the map indicates the localization of a meteorological station. The color scale, from light green to dark green, indicates the amount of rainfall; dark green corresponds with higher rainfall amounts.

Percentage: This map shows the precipitation as percentage of the precipitation normally expected in this month. The percentage indicates conditions of deficit to the normal situation.

The data used for the calculation is provided through the National Agroclimatic Network (RAN). More information on this network can be requested at unea@minagri.gob.cl

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How is the percentage calculated?

The percentage is calculated by dividing the monthly precipitation measured in a station by the average precipitation (calculated using historical data of the specific station and month in consideration) and multiplying it with 100.

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Observed precipitation at RAN measuring stations
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