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Combined Drought Index

This map shows the Combined Drought Index (CDI). This variable shows actual drought conditions for Chile.

The Combined Drought Index combines meteorological indicators of drought (Standardized Precipitation Index, SPI), hydrological drought indicators (Discharge Anomaly) and agricultural drought (NDVI anomaly), in order to reduce false alarms of drought. The CDI provides a holistic view of the drought situation using a specific classification.

The CDI considers three levels of impact:


What are the criteria of classification of the three impact levels?

Depending on the value of SPI, discharge and NDVI anomaly the observed CDI are classified in the three impact levels and intensity levels. The following table defines the criteria:

Table 1: Criteria of classification of CDI


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, calculated with the Standardized Precipitation Index (IPE), the Discharge Anomaly Index (ICE) and the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)

Table 1: Criteria of classification of CDI



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