Historical Drought Frequencies

Historical drought frequency analysis for Peru.

This maproom shows the results of the Regional Frequency Analysis using L-Moments. The complete analysis is described in Nunez et al. (2010).


Nunez, J.H., K. Verbist, J. Wallis, M. Schaeffer, L. Morales, and W.M. Cornelis. 2011. Regional frequency analysis for mapping drought events in north-central Chile. J. Hydrol. 405 352-366.

Historical Drought Frequencies
This map shows the expected maximum yearly rainfall for different return periods for Peru.
Este mapa muestra la precipitación mínima anual esperada para múltiples periodos de retorno para Peru.
This map shows the return periods for a certain precipitation deficit (compared to a normal situation). Here it is possible to visualize the return periods for a precipitation deficit of 20%, 40% 60% or 80%.