Midsummer Drought Obervatory

This observatory presents a set of maps on the frequency of historical midsumer droughts for the countries of Central America and the Caribbean, as well as monitoring and forecasting tools.

This maproom shows different types of information. In the first place it presents the results of the Midsummer Drought Atlas, identifying the frequency, duration, intensity and severity of the midsummer drought.

The second part focusses on the monitoring of Midsummer Drought Events and eth third part includes forecasting tools to identify potenial Midsummer Drought hazards.

The Midsummer Drought Observatory was developed as a colaboration between the UNESCO Category 2 Centre CAZALAC, the Internatonal Hydrological Programme of UNESCO and the EU-supported Network of Centers of Excellence in Water, RALCEA.

Its development was made possible thanks to funding provided by the Interamerican Development Bank (IADB), the Spanish Development Cooperation (AECID ) and the Flanders-UNESCO Trust Fund (FUST).


    Historical drought frequency analysis for the countries of Central America and the Caribbean.
    Maps for monitoring current midsummer drought conditions through a set of relevant drought indicators.
    Maps providing forecasts of expected seasonal and midsummer drought conditions.